Just Announced: New Magnetic Fields Album Out January 26


Good news, music fans. Indie rock mainstay The Magnetic Fields have a new album coming out January 26th on Nonesuch Records. It’s called Realism, and the cover art/title combo indubitably marks a shift from last year’s bright pink album Distortion. Does this mean they’re going back to the clarity of releases like 69 Love Songs and eschewing the reverb-drone of Distortion? Only time will tell, but we’re psyched either way. Check out the tracklisting after the jump.

1. You Must Be Out of Your Mind 2. Interlude 3. We Are Having a Hootenanny 4. I Don’t Know What to Say 5. The Dolls’ Tea Party 6. Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree 7. Walk a Lonely Road 8. Always Already Gone 9. Seduced and Abandoned 10. Better Things 11. Painted Flower 12. The Dada Polka 13. From a Sinking Boat Sounds like it’s going to be rad. We kind of can’t wait for the Dada Polka. We’ll keep you posted.