Creative 2015 Calendars to Inspire You in the New Year


Another new year, another new calendar — because nothing makes us feel the trembling of our mortality more than tracking time each and every day. If you’re like us, sometimes a digital calendar just won’t cut it. Enjoy putting pen to paper and watching the days flip by? Pick up one of these beautifully designed 2015 calendars that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

The Imagined Desks of Historical Women Calendar

A lovely, brilliant little calendar that imagines what the desks of historical women looked like — including Amelia Earhart, Mary Shelley, and Georgia O’Keeffe. Get inspired. $16

The Typographic Wall Calendar

A reimagining of the traditional calendar that uses computer keyboard keys to represent the days of the year (2,015 keys to be exact). From the website:

Yes! It is a real, usable calendar. This typography calendar makes finding dates a fun and creative process. If you read the keys from left to right, they show each day of the year in sequence: JANUARY TUE 01 WED 02 THUR 03 etc.

You can think of it like a string of all dates in the year. To make things easier, every month is marked by two arrow keys. After a bit of practice, you can orient yourself quickly within the grid. It is also possible to write directly onto the calendar.


The Social Justice Kittens Calendar

What the feminist in your life would want — and probably your cat. “Social Justice Kittens radiate fierce strength in the face of untold adversity, and all are gifted with a dazzling array of genders and orientations to go with their tiny, oh-so-kissable faces!” $15

The Nude Artists as Pandas Calendar

We recently interviewed the makers of Art F City’s panda-riffic calendar, which features the dates for important art events and spoofs the government shutdown of the National Zoo’s panda cam last year. Did we mention there’s nudity? $50

The Silly Holidays Calendar

Don’t let another year go by without celebrating Extraterrestrial Visitor Day and International Ninja Day. Do it in style with this “silly holidays” calendar, printed on recycled kraft stock with hand done lettering and illustration. $16

The Puzzle Block Calendar

Get extra creative with your calendar by playing with blocks. This very Lego-esque bad boy allows you to rearrange the colorful blocks to change things up and keep it fun. $13

The 12 Tables Around the World Calendar

For the foodie who loves to travel, these hand-illustrated tablescape scenes — inspired by international cuisine — are sure to inspire wanderlust and noms. $20

The Letterpress Calendar

Letterpress nerds, rejoice. You haven’t been forgotten. The Type is a tactile experience that is eco-friendly, too. $39

The Beer and Food Calendar

For the drinker who knows their way around a good Porter and Sour Ale. Every month pairs a bottle of beer with something yummy. $20

The Circle Calendar

Remember your important dates in 2015, clockwise. Learn about the moon cycles, solstices, and more. $29

The New York Architecture Calendar

The notable buildings of New York City in a single calendar, including some famous facades like the “Narrowest House” and the Decker Building. All of the original illustrations are ready to tear off for framing when the month is complete. $24

The Perpetual Calendar

We don’t know what kind of black magic is required to make this style savvy Perpetual Calendar work (spoiler: magnets), but it looks good doing it. $40