Photos, Furries, and Photos of Furries: Links You Need To See


Between 5,000 and 10,000 people in the United States reportedly identify as furries; despite the community’s growing numbers, their culture is primarily misunderstood and ridiculed. BuzzFeed has a thorough piece about furries, describing what it’s like for those who identify as such to realize what they’re interested in and “come out” to their families and friends about it. It’s an enlightening story—I had several of my own misconceptions about the community corrected.

Rookie Mag is consistently wonderful, whether you’re thirteen or 33, so it’s no surprise that Hazel Cills’ recent interview with Sharon Van Etten fits snugly in Rookie‘s delightful repertoire. For someone as outstandingly talented as SVE, she comes across as humble, grounded and even a little shy. If you’re a fan, definitely read Cills’ interview.

The New York Times today published their annual “Year in Pictures,” and, as we can all attest—god, what a year. From the war in Ukraine to the continued crisis in Syria to the onslaught of children at the US-Mexican border, 2014 has, for better or mostly for worse, been unfortunately memorable. The photography at The New York Times is consistently as stunning and revealing as its reporting, so for a heartrending trip through the year, click through to their “Year In Pictures.”