Does Science Prove You Belong in Pawnee? : Links You Need To See


Have you ever felt like you belonged in another city? That your life was drab and boring, and if you could just save up the money and find a way out of this small town that your life would just be so much better? Well, science says you’re right. Some people are apparently more suited to people-watching in a Parisian cafe and others are more suited to a quick stroll in Central Park. Hopefully Buzzfeed is preparing its servers for the inevitable flood of people who’ll want to take their fate-deciding quizzes.

Whichever city science declares is your perfect fit, we can guarantee you don’t want it to be Hammond, Louisiana. Why, you ask? Because Jamie Lynn Spears has apparently take to breaking up local disputes in her spare time, and she’s using giant knives. That’s seven inches of steel in her hand and she seems pretty comfortable wielding it.

Let’s move north. Tonight America will begin its long goodbye to the greatest city in the world: Pawnee, Indiana. The first episode of Parks and Recreation‘s seventh and final season begins tonight, but it doesn’t look like Aubrey Plaza is going to be disappearing from your TV screen any time soon. You can catch her being wonderfully awkward and in Newcastle’s newest meta-commercial. And no, we’re not sure of what’s going on either.

And we can’t talk about Parks and Recreation without mentioning Ron Swanson. Pour yourself glass of scotch whiskey, load your dinner plate with bacon, eggs and steak before watching this compilation of his manliest moments. Only stare at the screen in silence. No laughter allowed.