The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Kevin Hart


The breathless Kevin Hart kicks off a new episode of SNL after a several-week hiatus. The comedian played the role of host just two years ago, and his star has steadily been on the rise since then. Hart’s delivery is manic, but he can frame a joke like few others. Just like his last stint, Hart’s professionalism and dedication shine in the deadliest of sketches. See what kind of one-two punches Hart delivered in last night’s episode, below.

The Best

“MLK Cold Open”

Like many of us, the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. isn’t a fan of hashtag activism and the lack of Oscar nods for Selma.

“Kevin Hart Monologue”

This is basically a Kevin Hart stand-up routine about suburban fears, which expertly builds to a fevered pitch.

“Calvin Klein Ads”

Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber continues to entertain. “This tattoo made me say, ‘Owie.'”

“Why’d You Post That?”

Hart’s sadistic host Darnell Pepper banishes lame Instagram users to his dungeon through the wall, which is wonderfully weird.

“Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015”

Three locals from Bushwick hang out on a corner and talk artisanal mayo, dog sweaters, and spin class. Naturally, the exorbitant price of fancy sandwich spread gets a bigger rise out of the men than a daytime execution Hart’s character carries out (while walking dogs). The writing here is probably the best of the night, pushing this one to the top three of all season.

“Get On Up”

I kept looking around for Eddie Murphy, but I’ll let Hart take this one to the bridge and throw it overboard.

“Weekend Update”

The lack of chemistry between Jost and Che continues to concern, but there are some solid moments. Thank you Kate McKinnon for livening things up with your annoyed neighbor who describes people as hot garbage.

“Kevin’s Son”

Leslie Jones manages to outshine Hart in terms of presence and energy. Jay Pharoah’s impression of Hart is on the money.

“Listening Party”

Hart plays a screamy rapper, but hang in there for the Weekend at Bernie’s reference and hilarious disses.

The Worst

“Soap Opera Reunion”

Fart jokes. Meh.

“The Journey”

At least now I know I would hate Game of Thrones set to music?

Musical Guest: Sia