James Frey Does Gawker, Wolverine Does High Kicks and Other Cultural Headlines


Books: “We hear James Frey is going to be “interning” for one-foot-out-the-door Gawker editor Sheila McClear all day today, which came as a bit of a surprise since the paperback edition of Bright Shiny Morning isn’t scheduled to come out for another five months.” [GalleyCat]

Dance/Opera: “Will hairy mutants be battling it out Chorus Line style in the new Wolverine Origins feature? In an interview, Wolverine nemesis Liev Schreiber revealed how the movie’s dark and scary fight scenes were influenced by each actor’s love of the dance.” [io9]

Design: “Wags in Beijing and on the Internet have been joking about the name of the new CCTV building being a pun on the word for hemorrhoids and calling it the ‘Big Underpants’ building.” [Danwei]

Film: According to the A.P., [Catherine] Hardwicke’s home message answering machine says, in part: ‘We’ve been kicked out of the Twilight editorial, so we’re homeless, so please leave your name and number after the tone.'” [Variety]

Music: “Say it ain’t so, Joe: Coldplay have issued a response to a lawsuit filed against the band late last week by six-string scientist Joe Satriani, who claims the UK megastars ripped off his “If I Could Fly” for their Viva la Vida. And what do you know, they’re standing their ground.” [Pitchfork]

Television: “Maybe I should watch The Simpsons more often. The Writer’s Guild of America has nominated FOX’s long-running animated sitcom for best comedy series along with 30 Rock, The Office, Entourage and Weeds.” [TV Squad]

Theatre: “John Malkovich, the protean actor, will portray Jack Unterweger, an Austrian criminal, in a play called The Infernal Comedy.” [Arts Beat]

Visual Arts: “Hipstergasm! “Money” is not only the first official video off the hotly anticipated debut album from the production duo N.A.S.A. — DJ Zegon and Squeak E. Clean, a.k.a. Sam Spiegel, Spike Jonze’s brother — but it features visuals from artist Shepard Fairey, once the Andre the Giant guy, now the Barack Obama red-and-blue poster guy.” [Vulture]

Web: “We’ve seen some pretty weird gadget modifications, but this computer mouse made with actual mouse bones takes the cake for ‘most stomach-turning’ steampunk mod ever.” [Wired]