Tom Hanks Is a Manspreader: Links You Need to See


The great and justified public outrage against #manspreading continues. It was an outrage that began with the creation of man and his senseless need to have his legs at obtuse angles. Now, the MTA is publicly targeting men, asking them to stop manspreading. But not everyone seems to have gotten the message — especially not Tom Hanks, who was spotted on the 1 train taking up two seats. It’s not a limo, Tom Hanks, but nice to see you.

Carrying on with old people being silly, check out this video of old people playing Grand Theft Auto V, because it’s great and totally reminds you that, no matter the age, everybody likes running around and stealing cars and blowing things up. Almost as much as everybody likes buying meaningless trash to fill our lives with happiness. However..

SkyMall is dead. Long live SkyMall. You may ask, “But, Flavorwire, Why do I care if SkyMall is dead?” Well, you — and we — care because it was a strange and mysterious beast of a publication, and its pages contained treasures that will probably be impossible to find anywhere else. What kind of treasures, you ask? Well, take a look at this list, from none other than BuzzFeed, and you’ll see some of the greatness we’re never going to own. An $85,000 boat that looks like a shark? What’s the point of even working if I can never buy one of those?

Maybe the point of working is just to afford leisure time, so we can do things like read the analysis of the fantasies of a Saved By The Bell character. Or maybe to read this piece/exploration/experiment that was written by Isaac Fitzgerald, who wore makeup for a week and discovered how it can make the wearer feel subject to scrutiny while at the same time oddly empowered. Or maybe the point of working is to ride the subway everyday until, at some point, you see Tom Hanks manspreading. We’ve clearly figured a lot out here.