The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Blake Shelton


If you’ve ever seen an episode of the reality singing competition The Voice, then you know that country star and co-judge Blake Shelton isn’t afraid to get goofy. His jokes are corny, but Shelton’s aw-shucks demeanor can be charming. He’s charismatic and good-natured about being the target of Adam Levine’s good ol’ boy jokes. Will that make him an engaging host who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty? See how last night’s episode went down, below.

The Best

“Patriots Press Conference Cold Open”

SNL cuts right to the chase with a spoof on that weird Patriots Press Conference and the whole “deflategate” controversy. Taran Killam wears a big dumb hat for his big dumb Tom Brady impression, and the ball(s) jokes ensue.

“Blake Shelton’s Hee-Haw Monologue”

Shelton wins audiences over with his nervousness, and then we launch right into an SNL adaptation of the ’60s variety show Hee Haw. No one gets the cheesy, “country” jokes, so Shelton gets “roasted” instead. Please note that Leslie Jones looks hilarious and terrifying in a blonde wig with pigtails.

“Farm Hunk”

Hell will have frozen over when an ABC Bachelor or Bachelorette is (a) black or (b) lets a black love interest stick around for more than a few episodes. “Farm Hunk” wins a few points for addressing that issue with the reality dating show. And then there is the revolving door of crazy bachelorettes who vie for Shelton’s “farm hunk.”

“Weekend Update”

Michael Che’s high school homie Riblet (Bobby Moynihan) gives Che the business about his hosting abilities. For a minute I thought we were going to get an announcement that Che was gone and Bobby was replacing him — and I was pretty sad about it! Pete Davidson performs a repeat of his very first appearance at the desk, except this time it’s about gay porn. Sasheer Zamata’s jilted ex lover loses her flow due to Che’s tortoise-like interplay. And props to Jost for killing the National Hug Day line. He appears to be more relaxed than ever these days.

“Parole Board”

Part Morgan Freeman’s Red (Shawshank Redemption), part Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal.

“My Darlin’ Joan”

On this episode of Topeka Today, an old man gets Shelton’s character to sing a little ditty about how horrible his wife was when she was alive. The joke presents itself before we even get rolling, but sometimes that’s just fine.

The Worst

“Wishin’ Boot”

Shelton wears a fake mustache well, but nope.

“Celebrity Family Feud with Blake Shelton”

In this edition of “Celebrity Family Feud,” Kenan Thompson’s host wears the first suit designed by Hennessy. The rest is a series of impressions that are dead in the water.


Shelton’s skeptical audience member wants a stage magician to give him the power to go down on himself.

Musical Guest: Blake Shelton