Winter Storm Juno Makes a Yeti: Links You Need to See


If you’re living in New York, you probably spent yesterday and today curled up with a novel — or, if you don’t have the attention span for literature that’s quite so extensive, perhaps you curled up with a Chipotle Cup. You’re also probably wondering, after so many curled up hours, why a massive chunk of the state was shut down for what was not nearly as much snow as was expected from Winter Storm Juno. You’re probably upset that you couldn’t gleefully make snow-people and have snowball fights without somehow feeling like you were dishonoring the utter gravity of reporters’, mayors’, etceteras’ warnings. For those who obeyed and stayed indoors, you can vicariously experience all the literal ups and downs of snowstorm reporting through the miracle of the Internet. We all know there’s nothing better than watching strangers fall on their asses in the snow.

Of course there’s more danger in reporting in inclement weather than slipping and being chewed out by curmudgeonly seniors. This reporter was almost hit by a car during her broadcast. It seems a little fishy that someone yelled out the window as the car missed. We’ll let you decide whether those were taunts made in the middle of a dangerous and stupid prank or screams of terror as a car skidded out of control. This reporter doesn’t seem to be fazed either way.

There may not be too many wonderful things about the snow when it’s closing down major systems of transport and clogging up roads and sidewalks, but we can all agree that the snow is gorgeous while falling, and it turns out it’s even more beautiful up close. Here are the first pictures of snowflakes ever taken. Fair warning: after viewing these delicate works of art, you may start to feel like a monster for all that destructive trudging you’ll surely do when you finally get out of the house.

And finally, a Winter Storm miracle: a Yeti has been spotted in Boston. No one is quite sure how it got there. Maybe this is the Yeti’s idea of a vacation. After a long winter in the Himalayas it needs to recharge its batteries in the sexy, tropical climate of mid-snowstorm Boston. Either way the people of Boston seem thankful for his appearance. We’ll see how thankful they are after the crew of Finding Bigfoot make theirs.