Will Betty Draper Be Funny When She Hosts SNL?


Can a beautiful woman be funny? The long-debated question — Christopher Hitchens’ 2007 piece for Vanity Fair, “Why Women Aren’t Funny,” comes to mind — will be running through our heads when the ever-so-lovely January Jones hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend. In her favor: She has both dated Ashton Kutcher and worked at a Dairy Queen; both would require a well-developed sense of humor. What’s going against her: Betty is like Barbie. The fact that we can only think of Jones as pretty Betty, a woman who has inspired many reactions from us over the past three seasons — anger, pity, sadness, frustration, what have you — but never laughter.

In the interest of research, and because frankly, the thought of our first Mad Men-free Sunday night in months gives us the shakes, we’ve compiled some our favorite Betty shots after the jump. Let us know which “Betty” you prefer — and if you think any of them have comedic potential.

Single in the City Betty

Nordic & Needs Therapy Betty

NRA Betty

Medicinal Glass of Wine Betty

Polka Dot Dress for Days Betty

Preppy Princess Betty

Equestrian Betty

Infidelity Betty

Just Had a Baby Betty

Randomly Speaks Italian Betty

Totally Pissed at Don for Having a Secret Identity Betty