The Intake Form: Meet Relaxed-Fit Dance-Rockers All We Are


The Intake Form is Flavorwire’s new questionnaire feature spotlighting emerging musicians worth your time, paired with a premiere. Here, we debut All We Are’s video for “Honey,” off the Liverpool-based trio’s self-titled debut out this week on Domino Records, and talk toast, Wall-E, and “Yaaaas Gaga” with its members, Richard O’Flynn (drums, vocals), Guro Gikling (bass, vocals), Luís Santos (guitar, vocals).

When I say that All We Are made your new low-key makeout album, that’s not to discount how solid the LP is on a musical level. If The xx set their sights on Local Natives’ brand of harmonious jangle rock, they’d probably end up sounding a little like All We Are. The band’s collection of falsetto voices blend surprisingly well, and the results are as beautiful as they are interesting to unweave. Dreamy reverb and warm sensuality clings to every little riff. The album’s biggest strength is its flow and cohesion. It’s the kind of record you easily groove right through after wandering in, not knowing what to expect. Like I said, great for a winter makeout.

Whose career would you most like to have? Must say we are pretty happy with the one we have, we won the golden ticket. We feel pretty lucky.

What’s the best thing a critic could write about your music? This is the best thing since sliced bread. Gotta love toast.

What’s the worst thing a critic could write about your music? This is the worst thing since wet bread.

Lyric or piece of music you’re most proud of having written: Guess we are biased but we are very proud of the album as a whole. We set out to make a body of work where the tunes, both musical and lyrically, belong together.

Tell me about the weirdest night on tour (that you can remember, of course): That’s the thing though, [we] can’t really tell you that. We have sworn absolute secrecy that what happens on tour stays on tour. Some things are better left to the unknown. There was a hospital involved once though…

Has technology helped or hurt music culture? How so? Well, there’s never been so much music out there and that can only be a good thing. It’s hard to rise above the clamor, but there’s nothing like competition and there’s something for everyone.

If you didn’t play music, what would you do instead? Luís would be a Formula One driver, Rich would be an astronaut, and Guro would rescue lions.

A fictional character you personally relate to: Guro: I have to say I like Tarzan. He’s hot. I’m not sure if I personally relate to him, but I like his style. Luís: Batman. I know how tough it can be in Gotham. Rich: In continuation with Guro’s disney theme I’m going to go with Wall-E. Nice fella, doing his own thing, says what needs to be said, and last person left in an apocalyptic future.

Your biggest fault: Guro: I’m a terrible loser. Luís: I overthink too much. Rich: I’m pretty hyperactive. It can be handy but you’d be surprised how much trouble it gets you into.

Your personal philosophy: Guro: Don’t be cruel to others. Be nice, helpful, and humble. Other than that: do what you want. Luís: In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, we are pretty lucky to be here right now. Rich: Follow the person who’s searching for the truth, avoid the one who’s found it.

Something that makes you laugh without fail: Have you seen the best of compilation of Yaaassss Gaga? It’s very fascinating!

How would your friends describe you/what role do you play in your social group? Well, Guro plays the bass so she’s down, Rich plays the drums so he’s loud, Luís plays guitar so he’s dreamy.

Something you have an irrational hatred for: Guro: Self-pity. Luís: People who take cling film (saran wrap) and foil out of the box. I mean, it’s so much more practical and tidy to leave it in there. There’s a reason it’s got a box. It’s got little serrated teeth and everything. I mean, seriously. Rich: People who take ages at ATM’s.

Do you have an enemy? Guro: I don’t think I have any enemies, not that I am aware of anyway. But I have a nemesis. She doesn’t know though. It’s more to keep myself on the toes and to push myself to become better at my instrument. So I guess my nemesis is more like a different source of inspiration. Luís: I battle the elements everyday as I cycle to the rehearsal studio. Damn you, we’ll meet again!!! Rich: I’m sure there are a few out there. I don’t hold grudges though, so it’s all on them.

Preferred way to die: Guro: I guess when my time comes, hopefully after a great life, I’d hope to die a natural death. (But a quick natural death, don’t like when things drag out.) Luís: Being lowered into a vat of molten steel, hanging on to a chain, giving the thumbs up to John. Rich: I hope to avoid a dystopian wasteland. Apart from that, I’m good with whatever.