Human Font: The Most Sexual Alphabet in the World


Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a piece on inappropriate fonts or “typographic howlers.” Here’s one that might qualify: BodyType, a joint collaboration between design studios Smart Head and Red Keds, is made out of nearly naked people doing explicit things. (Some of them are wearing red Converse.) The project nods at the work of Dutch designer Anthon Beeke, who created and photographed an alphabet of naked ladies back in 1969.

To experience the fun firsthand, visit the website and type in a message; this will generate an “interactive” e-card using the BodyType font that you can send to your least prudish friends. We found that writing something that makes sense is a little impossible — unless you know Russian — but it’s still fun to type and watch your virtual people do dirty things. Click through for the larger image.

[via NOTCOT]