Apple Architecture: The Top 10 Apple Stores


There are many, many Apple Stores. Over 200 in 10 different countries, to be more precise. Walking into these fabled buildings, you are reminded of why people love glass and the color white so much. You think of the dancing the Apple commercials, your secret desire for a Steve Jobs one night stand (okay, maybe that’s us), and the pangs of joy you get whenever you deliver the Apple taunt to your PC friends, “Once you go Mac, you never go back…” Only Apple architecture can command such emotions. After the jump, our Top 10 Apple Store favorites.

1. 5th Avenue, New York

2. London, England

3. Montréal, Quebec

4. Carrousel du Louvre Paris, France

5. Royal Hawaiian, Hawaii

6. Upper West Side, New York

7. Santa Barbara, California

8. Boston, Massachusetts

9. Sydney, Australia

10. Sanlitun, China

Which is your favorite?