Like Joy Division? Buy Ian Curtis’ House: Links You Need to See


In the market for a two-bedroom house with a “well-appointed bathroom”? Looking to live on Barton Street in England’s Macclesfield, which some might call an “enviable” location? Do you also have a bicep tattoo of the cover art of Joy Division’s 1977 album, Unknown Pleasures? Has love ever “torn you apart”? Do you have $180,000? Then you should probably buy the late Ian Curtis’ old house, which is now for sale.

Speaking of celebrity tie-ins, the coffee-roasting company La Colombe Torrefaction has partnered with Arcade Fire’s Win Butler. To raise awareness of Haitian social issues, Butler has formulated a Haitian coffee blend that he will personally be serving up at a La Colombe location in Manhattan. No word yet as to whether this is just an elaborate setup for a future SNL digital short, but Butler has been been influencing the aesthetics and playlists of baristas for ten years now, so it’s about time he became one.

Another good concept for a digital short: indie stars — if “indie stars” can even exist non-paradoxically — interviewed by their mothers. That’s not quite what this is, but it is Mac DeMarco and his lovely mother, Agnes DeMarco, competing in a trivia game all about Mac. Topics touched on include the worst thing Mac has ever done, his first album, his biggest fear, and who his celebrity crush is.

Continuing with the theme of celebrity oddities, I guess: here is an interview with the little-girl dancer from those classic Missy Elliott videos. Alyson Stoner is obviously not a little girl anymore. And as a grown woman who’s still dancing, she has recreated those classic videos with her dancer buddies from the original. The interview is sweet: she talks about her grandmother, who visited the set of one of her shoots and rode in a golf cart with Ludacris.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it known that she was not actually sleeping at the latest State of the Union address. She was, in fact, drunk. (Or rather, “not sober.”) “The dinner was so delicious, it needed wine. So, I got a call when I came home from one of my granddaughters and she said, ‘Bubbe, you were sleeping at the State of the Union!'” Ginsburg said, which is all you need to know about why she’s amazing, really.

And now, simply because it can’t be avoided: it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, and it’s also the opening weekend of the Fifty Shades of Grey film (which you may have read about here on Flavorwire). Get into the spirit with your special Valentine by playing Fifty Shades Mad Libs, which may or may not be more fun than actually seeing the movie or reading the book. Really, it all depends on how creative you are.