There’s No Stopping the Snow or the Kink: Links You Need To See


Would you want to know if the people you see on your way to work are kinky or not? Jimmy Kimmel went on a quest to find out about random people’s sexual preferences by asking them a simple question: are you kinky? Right there. On the street. It’s hard to believe this didn’t go horrifically wrong and elicit some form of unwanted flashing or fondling (if there were any incidents, they weren’t shown in the video). Beware: if you’re inexplicably a fan of Disneyworld’s It’s a Small World ride, one of the answers may taint your presumably non-fetishistic enjoyment (that is, unless it was already tainted by that Friends episode where Ross also claims to have had sex on the ride). It must then be asked, could this person be fabricating her story based on a very old Friends episode, or is this an actual thing that happens?

We can’t talk about kink (or much of anything this week, for that matter) without mentioning Fifty Shades of Grey. The film, after all, has turned out to have had one of the highest-grossing opening weekends for a film by a female director, which is worth talking about. It’s also worth talking about the films that do BDSM better. With all this talking, it’s thus worth talking about all the talk about Fifty Shades.

Similarly, in order to continue discourse about the film, the people at Uproxx took to various Internet sex chatrooms and asked for some thoughtful commentary on the movie, and the answers simply scintillate with perspicacious insight.

The Northeastern United States is pretty tired of the snow. Everyone is surely claiming to be “finished with New York,” or wherever, but the upstate city of Ithaca, NY, is straight up telling people to go to Florida. It’s right on the city’s webpage. At least Ithaca’s PR team is being honest. Hopefully no one gets confused and goes to Ithaca expecting a sunny beach and palm trees, though, because they’ll be sorely disappointed.

And finally, let us end today’s amassment of links with some motivational posters. The particular posters of which I speak have been adjusted for the people who aren’t motivated to climb mountains or feed penguins or pet iguanas or do whatever those idiots are doing to get our attention on run-of-the-mill motivational posters. These posters are for those of us that hate people. Get inspired, or de-inspired. Whatever, just leave us alone.