What’s in a Name? Ten Terrible Band Names, Ten Great Bands


So, Pitchfork has handily given you the top 20 worst album covers of the year, and in the spirit of the season (and listicles!), we’ve been similarly inspired to come up with our picks for the ten worst band names — for ten great bands. Don’t hold their monikers against them! After the jump, with help from fellow in-house music dorks, we count ’em down.

10. Jay Reatard (so retarded, he can’t even spell “retard” correctly)

9. Tigercity (Love these guys, but come on! Maybe one more bong hit would’ve led them to a better name?)

8. Vampire Weekend (and… let the indiekin hate-mail begin! But it had to be said.)

7. Apples in Stereo (At once nonsensical and totally boring. Fail.)

6. Why? (Again, love ’em to death. One of our favorite albums of 2008! But seeing this name begs just one question… ah, forget it)

5. Fuck Buttons (Decent assonance, but it still sounds like they came up with this one when they were 13 and then never changed it)

4. Akron/Family (From the copy desk: “Is the slash really necessary? Really?”)

3. caUSE co-MOTION (No one should have to hit “shift” that many times for one name)

2. Spoon (Fork that, yo. Heh.)

1. PWRFL Power (unless they’re the new LVHRD house band, they get a fail)

Backwards bonus: the Black Kids (Provocative name, but a crap band, it turns out!)

What did we miss? Nominate a band or four in the comments.