Wes Anderson’s Next Adaptation: My Best Friend


Wes Anderson seems to be on a bit of an adaptation streak. His most recent release, a stop-motion remake of Roald Dahl’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox managed to garner $260,000 in its first weekend, despite having only been released to four theaters. We hear there may even be a comic book spin-off in the works. The film is one of 20 submitted for Oscar consideration this year in the category of Best Animated Feature.

Now word comes that Anderson has finished the script for his adaptation of Patrice Leconte’s 2006 French film, Mon Meilleur Ami , or My Best Friend. His version, titled The Rosenthaler Suite, closely follows the original tale of a workaholic art dealer who doesn’t know the meaning of friendship, and much less care about it.

The French François becomes the American Nicholas who, at his acquaintance-filled birthday party, is challenged by a rival female art dealer to scrounge up a true friend in ten days or lose a coveted collection of artworks by aging artist Moses Rosenthaler. The frigid man then enlists a cab driver — Anderson’s is a Polish man named Zbigniew — to teach him how to relate to other humans. The film then becomes an education in companionship; cue emotional epiphany.

Sounds a lot like Goodbye Solo , right?

The jury is still out on whether or not Anderson will helm the film as director. If he does decide to go through with it, expect the whimsy stylized frames he does so well, pretty slow motion scenes, and a killer soundtrack. Are we the only ones wishing that his next project was a return to his quirky original screenplay roots?