Reboots, Robots and ‘Recreation’: Links You Need To See


Sobs will surely be heard throughout American households tonight as Parks and Recreation fans gather to watch the series finale of the seven season show. And while cries and moans might be appropriate, consider this alternative: commemorating the beloved show with a group sing-along of legendary guitarist Andy Dwyer’s (aka Johnny Karate) finest work. It’s also crucial, in these tough times, to remember that nothing is ever truly gone… so long as it’s commoditized. Parks and Recreation will always be in your hearts (with purchase of this show-related paraphernalia).

Seven seasons of television is a lot to mourn, and there are likely very few things that can distract hardcore fans from their misery. Thankfully one of those things has been delivered today: new Game of Thrones bloopers. It turns out that Westeros isn’t all betrayals, murders and sex. This is the second set of bloopers that’s been released, but hopefully not the last, since there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as watching Cersei Lannister make funny faces at the camera.

The massive return of the superhero franchise has been a great thing for geeks all around the world. We’ve got Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Fantastic Four, and innumerable others all lined up. But for all those people wondering (was anyone wondering?) where the gritty and adult Power Rangers reboot is: your dream has come true. Well, sort of. It’s not very long but it’s definitely cool; it’s also decidedly NSFW and definitely not for children, but rather for the grownups who’ll inevitably be disappointed by the live-action Power Rangers film that’s supposedly in development. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe this short will become a full-length reality.

There can be no mention of Power Rangers without thinking about giant robots kicking the crap out of each other, and while Japan doesn’t have robots fighting in congested urban streets à la Power Rangers, they do have a robot that makes coffee for you. But if a coffee-making robot is a little too weird for you, you’ll definitely want to avoid the robot that feeds you tomatoes as you go jogging.