Colum McCann + Joe Hurley, “The House That Horse Built”


New York-based singer Joe Hurley collaborated with National Book Award winner Colum McCann to write “The House that Horse Built” (Let the Great World Spin), a 12-minute track inspired by a chapter in McCann’s novel about 1970s New York, Let the Great World Spin. The limited edition EP was produced by Don Fleming (Sonic Youth, Pete Yorn, Nancy Sinatra, Hunter S. Thompson) and is currently available for download here.

While this song is told from the point of view of Tilly, a black prostitute who loses her daughter, rumor is that the pair is working on nine additional tracks inspired by other characters from the book for a full-length album that would coincide with the release of the paperback version in the UK.

If you live in New York, check out the album release party on December 8th at Joe’s Pub. Hurley will perform “The House that Horse Built” live for the first time with the full band, and McCann is scheduled to appear as well.

Download an excerpt from the book here.