LARPing ‘Hamlet’: Links You Need to See


Perhaps it’s best to get the bad news out of the way first: you may not have known, but Earth is currently home to an Art Selfie museum, called Art In Island. To be clear, it is not a museum of artistic selfies, nor is it a museum collecting art selfies and recontextualizing them as pure art: it is a museum that generates art selfies; it’s full of 3D art made for this sole purpose.

Before you have the chance to get too upset by that, let’s move on to a slightly more antiquated cultural phenomenon: the Girlscout cookie. Another less palatable archaism has been applied to these delectably old-fashioned cookies: homophobia. Religious Right pundit Kevin Swanson claims participation in the Girl Scouts increases one’s likelihood to become a lesbian by age 24 — and the only solution is to boycott this organization’s evil cookies! This is probably the most ridiculous thing on the internet today, though I will say that the idea of sexuality so fluid as to be determined by the type of cookie you’re eating sounds rather enticing.

Coming in second for most ridiculous may be an architecture firm’s idea of building a giant tornado-shaped skyscraper in the middle of Tulsa, Oklahoma; it would house a severe weather museum. Thus far, it isn’t attached to any clients, and is merely a “conceptual drawing of what could potentially take place and happen downtown.” Which is exactly the reason it hopefully won’t get built, as it’s doubtful Tulsa residents would want to suffer an existential crisis every time they pass a local museum.

They say that before a tornado, the sky turns a greenish-yellow color. What with all the House of Cards people are watching, and what with the fact that it has a repetitively blue/yellow color scheme, do make sure not to confuse the light pollution from Netflix-watching screens for an oncoming tornado (but also make sure not to confuse an actual oncoming tornado for the light from an episode of House of Cards).

Some may think the poison politics of House of Cards read a bit too much like brainlessly modernized Shakespeare; lucky for them, they now have a chance to escape to a land where House of Cards — and its bothersome onscreen text messaging and verbally simple asides — hasn’t yet been created: to Denmark’s Kronborg Castle, where Hamlet is being LARPed this weekend.

Happy LARPing!