Cindy Sherman Emojis, Apple Watches, and Ireland’s One-Day Legalization of Ecstasy and Ketamine: Links You Need To See


Vanessa Bayer is once again flexing her formidable PR skills as Above Average‘s Janessa Slater, and this time she has some “Sound Advice” for Sleater-Kinney. Slater (not to be confused with Sleater) advises the band to do things like carry forth Susan B. Anthony’s famous message: “Be a girl, get dressed up, be pretty.” Watch Sleater-Kinney’s faces as they discuss the technicalities of indecent exposure and whether or not men should be buying women lobster dinners.

The Apple Watch has thrown the internet into technophobic/tech-curious/tech-fanatical overload. If you’re wondering what it all means, check out the features of the new gadget here. The watch can, as The Verge explains, both make a garage door open and close by recognizing your pulse; here are some initial reviews from Apple’s big, watch-unveiling event.Of course, the best marketing technique for Apple would be to simply put “It will make you feel like a Power Ranger” on all the boxes. Should your skepticism prevail over your curiosity, and should you want to grow increasingly more skeptical, here’s a thoughtful piece on the possible effects the “smart watch.”

We have yet to hear if the Apple Watch will solve this crisis: what do you do when the myriad emojis offered on your iPhone aren’t good enough to express what you’re feeling, and you’re too lazy to swipe your phone and tap the Snapchat button for a more nuanced form of (still technologically diminished) expression? Someone else does, however, have an answer: New York-based designer Hyo Hong has created 20 new images based on the manifold faces of Cindy Sherman. Who better to replace regular old emojis than the queen of chameleonic expression herself?

Lastly, people of certain predilections may be forsaking the prospect of buying an Apple Watch in exchange for the opportunity to travel to Ireland — where ecstasy, ketamine, and crystal meth are now legal in the country until 12 a.m. on Thursday, March 12 due to a legendary screw-up in the Irish Court of Appeal. Good night, and good flight.