Flavorwire Premiere: Cold Fronts Write a Crush Song for Haim


Cold Fronts have managed to write a catchy, retro love song for the new queens of the catchy, retro love song: Haim. In “Baby Haim,” which Flavorwire is pleased to premiere below via in-studio clip, the Philly rockers (and newest Sire Records signees) offer up a silly, swooning crush song in honor of guitarist Alana Haim.

The youngest Haim sister, of course, is known as @babyhaim across her must-follow social media profiles. You can tell Cold Fronts are fans by the references to Este Haim’s most epic bassface. Listen below.

“First off, let me say that I write a lot of songs about girls (mostly ones that I know),” frontman Craig Almquist tells Flavorwire. “This one just happens to be about one that I don’t know. I started crushing on Alana after I saw them play SNL — they really killed it. To me, it’s really attractive when women are talented, driven, and independent. There’s something inspirational about Haim and I think that’s why the song just kind of happened. It was a happy accident, like most songs. I kept singing the words ‘Baby Haim wish you were mine’ and then in 30 minutes it was done. I don’t think I ever actually penned down the lyrics. I was shy about it at first… and then I remembered it’s dumb to be shy, and I should just be myself.”

Clearly, shyness is of no use. The throwback rockers, who released their Forever EP last November and are working on their debut full-length now, couldn’t contain their excitement and tweeted the song to Alana. Naturally, Este jumped in. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship… and many Haim-themed crush songs.