Flavorwire Premiere: JD Samson Adds Fuel to Michelle Chamuel’s “Face the Fire”


Michelle Chamuel. (photo by Andy Taylor)

Michelle Chamuel didn’t begin singing on national television, but she certainly made her first big mark there, belting Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” for The Voice judges, landing on Usher’s team, and ultimately ending up as Season 4 runner-up. This February, nearly two years since that near-victory, Chamuel released her debut album, Face the Fire. It’s full of synth-pop fun, especially its title track. Now, Chamuel has teamed with JD Samson, former member of Le Tigre and current leader of MEN, to create a remix of “Face the Fire” that transforms the already club-ready track into an out-and-out banger. Chamuel sought out Samson as a collaborator because of sheer fandom, especially of MEN (and the band’s new Muppet logo). Flavorwire is pleased to premiere the fruits of their collaboration below.


“My way of making music is similar to Daft Punk or Burial, where the people making the music are way less visible than the music itself,” Chamuel says of her time on The Voice. “Being on a show where I was at the forefront as the artist opened the door for me to make music as ‘Michelle’ and all the new creative avenues that come with it. It’s been both very challenging and rewarding.”

“Face The Fire” is certainly more Daft Punk than Burial, especially after getting the Samson treatment, but the sentiment makes perfect sense.