Every Single One of Bubble’s Outfits on ‘Absolutely Fabulous,’ Ranked


With all the talk of an Absolutely Fabulous film of late, Flavorwire has been relishing the opportunity to revisit one of the most consistently hilarious comedies of the last 20 years or so. (It’s not like we really need any excuse, to be honest.) There are many, many things to love about Ab Fab, but somewhere near the top of the list is the, ahem, unique fashion sense of Bubble, Edina’s gloriously ditzy assistant. And so, here is a labor of love: every single outfit Bubble has worn on the show, ranked in definitive order, from awesome to even more awesome.

Early days.

Stripey. Also, of course Saffy is umpiring the table tennis.

Season 1 Bubble: still growing into her signature, um, style. Extra points for the weird sort of French Revolution-evoking hat.

This is what Bubble wears to a funeral.

Not Katy Grin — it’s the episode where Bubble attends an occupational hypnotism course and emerges terrifyingly competent. Happily, it doesn’t last.

Life imitates chart.

The triumphant return of Absolutely Fabulous in the 2010s. Of course, Bubble is bewildered by the iPad.

She can still rock a ridiculous dress, though.

The very first glimpse of our heroine! Watching her attempt to take Edina’s measurements is enough to punt this fairly tame ensemble a few places up the ranking.

The first stirrings of what’s to come. That hat!

Hard to tell because of the quality, sadly, but the best part of this shot is that Edina and Bubble are on the phone to one another from about two feet apart.

Shirtless collar!

Just out of shot, sadly: an impressively regal white goat.

Damn right there will be more purple faux fur to come.

What even are those things embroidered on the dress? Is it a sort of sartorial equivalent to a charm bracelet? Inquiring minds want to know.

See also: whatever’s sewn into the heart-shaped, pincushion-like arrangement here.

Sort of… grown-up Girl Scout? Is that a straw tie?

Embroidered snake: +1000. Also the episode in which Bubble actually meets Katy Grin, which leads to Jane Horrocks talking to herself on screen. YES.

Lulu, why do you look so… terrified?

The closest thing Bubble has to a signature hairstyle.

Hot dog chic!

Look, Snoopy feels pretty much the same way as the rest of us about our heroine’s fashion sense!

Tricycle bodysuit styleeeee! For the Olympics, obviously.

Howdy, pardner! (Also, this is the episode where Bubble somehow becomes a confidante to the stars: “Will I go and keep Elizabeth Hurley company? Will I bugger! Has she got no friends of her own?”)

Damn straight the floral flat cap and the floral vest match.

Yeti chic?

Predicting the plant side of the Plants vs. Zombies equation.

Sort of baby-blue raver style. Many, many extra points for teddy bear backpack.

Examining Minnie Driver’s credentials, while sporting what is quite possibly the most eye-watering sweater ever conceived by mankind.

Mondrian leggings: YES.

Greeting the new century with the hitherto-unexplored iPad + megaphone combination.

Why, yes, that skirt is made entirely out of men’s ties.

“I know something!”

After the occupational hypnotism has worn off.

“Pat’s Arctic Cat.” Sure, why not?

For a visit to Paris. Obviously.

It’s not at all certain that there are actually words in the English language to describe this ensemble.


The apogee of Bubble’s style: a Teletubbies… garment. (Edina’s suit is also kind of amazing.) Well, except for…

The definitive Bubble outfit for the definitive Bubble moment. It’s important to note that she is listening to, and singing along with, 2Unlimited’s “No Limit” here. On a yellow Walkman. A thousand times: YES.