The Greatest Multi-Taskers in Pop Culture


We live in the age of the multi-hyphenate, when kids dream of becoming musician-magicians, moonlighting as librarians. Steve Jobs himself advised us to keep our goals fluid, even if it meant doing something completely different. And he wasn’t the only one. These nine musicians, actors, and artists don’t just roll with the punches, they punch back with even fresher ideas. While we’d like to ask in person about the secrets to their extreme productivity, none of them have slowed down enough to reply — yet. For now, we’ll satisfy our multi-tasking urge with a Naked Juice. If you can’t eat ’em, drink ’em! Read on for the greatest multi-taskers in pop culture.

Tina Fey

It isn’t easy running a TV show, and it’s even harder running one when you’re starring in it. Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon (like the writer/actress herself) was a spitfire multi-tasker constantly pushing herself to the edge of insanity, while somehow keeping it all together. Sound familiar? In addition to 30 Rock and SNL, Fey has managed to write a book, direct, produce, and even helm the Oscars, before returning to the small stage as producer and writer for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . Not bad for a neurotic.

Dr. Dre

Hip-hop’s first billionaire didn’t get there on albums alone. For two decades, the legendary mogul has diversified his business with a much wider audience in mind. Sure, his label launched Eminem and a bazillion other superstars, but it’s his Beats Headphones that really make the moola. Keeping it fresh, indeed.

Lorne Michaels

While his on-screen appearances are few and far between, it’s fair to say that Lorne Michaels is one of the most important figures in contemporary comedy. His long-running SNL show has incubated an incredible number of superstars, but he’s got his fingers in other pies, including The Late Show, 30 Rock, and a host of others. Pretty sure he NEVER gets an hour break to eat.

Carrie Brownstein

As if fronting one of the most powerful indie acts of the ’90s weren’t impressive enough, Carrie Browstein has gone on to unlikely success as a queen of sketch comedy. Between Portlandia and her recent Sleater-Kinney reunion, we’re not sure how she even stays hydrated, but we’re guessing she’d put a bird on it.

Nick Offerman

Perhaps it’s the smell of the pines or a fresh catch on the fire, but Parks and Recreation (RIP!) mainstay Nick Offermen has maintained a character and a lifestyle dedicated to celebrating the natural in everything. His woodland character on Parks is a doppelganger for the actual Offerman, who, in addition to comedy tours and TV, knows an incredible amount about woodworking. Also: massive mustaches (and that level of grooming takes time).

Orson Welles

In addition to writing, directing, and producing, Citizen Kane legend Orson Welles also managed a few fantastic turns in advertising. His work with peas is especially entrancing. With a voice like that, we’re betting “carnival barker” was also within range.

Shugo Tokumaru

Shogu Tokumaru isn’t quite a household name, but he’d still leave your favorite artists in awe. Playing an incredible 100+ instruments, the Japanese indie superstar often switches between several within each song. Needless to say, his pile of equipment gives new meaning to “one-man band.”


Not only does Bey have the kind of pipes that resonate across the ages, the superstar singer has also punched through the patriarchy as an entrepreneur. Whether updating her fashion and perfume line or singing at Obama’s inauguration, Beyoncé always does it with elegance.

Viggo Mortensen

Dubya isn’t the only icon to take up painting after a major life event. Thankfully, Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen’s work is more easily classified as art. With gallery shows all across LA, it seems Strider wasn’t afraid to seek an even more unlikely adventure.