Ridiculous Pizza-Inspired Merch for Your Cheesy Pie Obsession


Happy Pi Day! Today marks the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi), but for many the greatest pi is a saucy one covered in gooey cheese. Internet food obsessions come and go, but pizza is the reigning champion. Eventually, pop culture aesthetes will tire of pizza as they did cupcakes, but we suspect it will always be a star, much like the former king of the Internet, bacon. If you love a hot slice and deep dish, click on for wearable pizza and other cheesy merch.

Get saucy at night with this pepperoni pizza bed, complete with fitted sheet, flat sheet, and duvet cover. The two pillowcases look like pizza crust. Keep your eyes locked to Claire Manganiello’s pizza-riffic website to find out how to order. If you can’t wait to sink into a slice, check out this “I love pizza” duvet.

Two pizzas for the price of one? Don’t mind if we do. The CuiZen pizza oven looks like a pizza box, minus the greasy cardboard bottom. $48

Let’s be honest. You would totally wear this pizza PJ set in public. The heathered muscle tee pairs nicely with the pepperoni drawstring shorts. $13

This scented pizza pen will inspire you to start journaling again. $2

A mantra you can really get behind. $78

For those who slice their pie into a pentagram. $37

Because you’re a cut above the rest. $6

You know who your heart belongs to. Honor your love for pizza with this aluminum heart-shaped pan. $17

This scarf is cheesy, warm, and fresh — but try not to eat it. $18

Your lips will taste like the finest tomatoes, basil, oregano, and cheese. $3

Pizza, cats, and space — because Internet. $15

For the special someone you’d let have the last slice. $5