The Chicago River Turns Green, Obama and Kim Jong-un Impersonators Turn Into Besties: Links You Need to See


Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and major cities are bracing for the sartorial eruption of green across their streets and, perhaps more notably, in their bars. (Even the Chicago River went green this weekend.) You can prepare yourself for the various forms of intoxicated revelers you’ll encounter with this video, and use it as a guide to avoid becoming one of them.

If imbibing copious amounts of alcohol until your face turns the same shade as your celebratory four-leaf clover pins and anti-pinch clothing isn’t your thing, and you wish to get away from all that — instead dreaming of faraway lands like Narnia, and Middle-Earth — then you should check out this list of books on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the rest of their literary circle. They even had a cool literary nickname: the Inklings. It’s not hard to imagine them holding they their discussions of anthropomorphic lions and Silvan Elves in a forested apartment like this one. If your tastes lean towards slightly more realistic magical realities, check out The Millions’ interview with Reif Larsen on his novel I Am Radar (not to mention the Flavorwire review of the book). And if you’re looking for a simpler literary way of escaping it all, turn to Jack Kerouac for instructions on meditating.

The aforementioned forest apartment building would be the perfect place to hide from a zombie apocalypse. If you’re the type that likes to be prepared you can use this map to plan how long you have to ready yourself if zombies ever rise up in America.

Lastly (and perhaps best-ly), here are some uncannily accurate Kim Jong-un and Obama impersonators chilling in the Los Angeles sunshine and getting up to all sorts of touristy L.A. nonsense together. If only In-N-Out burgers really could solve world peace.