Robert Durst Is Not the Lead Singer of Limp Bizkit: Links You Need to See


Everyone who’s been following The Jinx — or the controversy surrounding its recent revelation — now knows that Robert Durst (not to be confused with lead singer of Limp Bizkit) has not only been arrested by authorities, but is facing a charge of first degree murder after his sensational admission of guilt on television. Murder isn’t funny, but the way he got caught is ridiculous, and this parody of the confession shows us why.

Mentioning Robert Durst’s incriminating slip will inevitably lead to debates about technology, privacy, and the transformation of these concepts in the modern world. In the meantime, this essay questions whether apps will be useful in the future, and might convince you to think a little harder about all those personally customized ads you encounter while browsing the Web; a new liquid 3-D printer apparently works at least 25 times faster than all of its competitors (and heres something for those who are skeptical about 3-D printing); an artist has even filled an abandoned meat locker with water to get us thinking about what communication actually means in the modern world, and the result is both eerie and exquisite.

But let’s get back to real purpose of technology: mindless distraction. Someone reconstructed the entire opening sequence of The Simpsons in Minecraft, and yes they’ve started to create entire episodes as well. If you’re looking for something a little more interactive, there’s a horror game in development that will potentially haunt your smartphone when you’re not playing it. And in honor of Community‘s return on Yahoo TV, the Internet has given us the distraction of a list of the show’s best “musical moments.” In case you’re looking for a more highbrow pastime, it’s best we end with a video of this gentleman chugging seven McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes as fast as he can. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.