Cookie Lyon’s Costumes Are For Sale: Links You Need to See


Two major reasons why a TV show succeeds: viewers either want to be the people they watch on the show, or viewers already are the people they watch on the show. In the case of Fox’s runaway hit, Empire, nobody is as fierce as Cookie Lyon, and so now, finally, we can all acquire a piece of her, and maybe become a part of her through some kind of transfusion:

Yes, that’s right, a bit of Cookie’s wardrobe is up for sale. Jezebel picked through the selection, but you can find the entire cast’s wardrobe here. Of course, owning the same dress as Cookie won’t make you Cookie, but it’ll make you feel like Cookie, and that’s better than nothing. Also better than nothing: that Interstellar ending, which could’ve been even closer to nothing than it already was (though, full disclosure, I loved it). Spoilers: originally, everyone probably would’ve died and things would’ve been even more scientifically incomprehensible than they already were. Maybe then it would’ve won a few more Oscars, though? (No.)

Like all of us prospective Cookie-wearers, and all those who find themselves feeling insignificant compared to the vastness of the cosmos and Christopher Nolan’s cinematic ambition, Billy Corgan, too, seems to be having something of an identity crisis. The Smashing Pumpkins singer, alas, is insisting that he no longer be called Billy Corgan, because he has grown up. So please, from now on, refer to him as William. He demands it in the video above.

Meanwhile, Glee was an OK show about drama and kids singing and teenage homosexuality and small town dads, but then something happened. Vox wrote all about that destructive something. And while some things get better with age naturally (wine, cheese, most men), some things, like Glee and post-punk icons, need a bit of artistic intervention, and that’s what Butcher Billy has done by transforming the likes of Morrissey, Robert Smith and Ian Curtis into superheroes.