Plants Become Animals and Legos Become ‘Jurassic Park’ : Links You Need to See


SXSW raged through Austin over the last couple weeks and kept the “weird” coursing through the city’s veins — Kevin Hart and Will Ferrel bolstered the weird factor when they accosted the festival-goers with a somewhat predictable (but incredible) explosion of awkward. In other SXSW news, those who were interested in the musical component of the festival — but not the physical craziness — can listen to these lullabies sung by SXSW artists; surely this will provide a welcome contrast to the otherwise frenetic energy of the event.

Jerry Seinfeld’s standup appearance has been canceled in India “due to traffic and parking concerns,” but these two Indian comedians decided that wouldn’t stop the Seinfeldian influence: they took Jerry’s place, commenting on the cancellation by creating a perfect Seinfeld parody of their own reaction to it. I advise that you use this awesome mashup of Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” and the Seinfeld theme song as the intro to the video. Speaking of homages, there’s now, unsurprisingly, a remake of Jurassic Park in Legos (created by a father-daughter team using $100,000 worth of legos) — watch it and relive all of your favorite moments from the classic movie. It might even inspire you to buy a megalodon chocolate tooth for your friends this Easter instead of sticking to the chocolate egg cliché.

You’re probably streaming the new Sufjan Stevens album, and these surrealist sculptures merging flora and fauna into plant-creatures are a perfect visual compliment to the gentle sounds and meditative lyrics of Carrie & Lowell. You can further delve into surrealist nirvana with this digital collage art by Eugenia Loli. Or you could take the easier route of making art and music collide by simply watching a music video, like, say, Hozier’s video for “Work Song.” It might be missing any Game of Thrones cameos (his last video featured Natalie Dormer), but it’s definitely worth the watch.