Exclusive: Artist MK Guth Talks Castaway Clothing


Multidisciplinary artist MK Guth brings a homespun feeling to her video, photography, and sculpture pieces that act as channels of social exchange. She has braided fake hair into Rapunzel braids and driven a truck of red shoes around New York City; this fall Guth blends craft and narrative with a textile-based project in lower Manhattan. We went deep into the belly of One New York Plaza’s retail center to chat with Guth about her three-month residency “This Fable Is Intended For You: A Work-Energy Principle” — watch our exclusive video interview after the jump.

Guth (rhymes with “Ruth”) was featured in the 2008 Whitney Biennial and brought on as a part of Under the Radar Festival by founder and curator Mark Russell, who left his position at public theater PS 122 in 2004 to bring his brand of experimental performance art to a wider audience.

Co-presented by arts>World Financial Center and Under the Radar Festival, “This Fable Is Intended For You: A Work-Energy Principle” will first unfold in the retail space under One New York Plaza from November 10 to December 18. The edited materials will then be displayed in the courtyard gallery at the World Financial Center (January 6-24) before being incorporated into a series of free performances in the glass-vaulted Winter Garden (January 9-12), where MK Guth will bind together fabric ropes and other objects with 24 volunteer performers.