The Streets Are Teeming with Miniatures and Pac-Men: Links You Need To See


Google often bestows the tiny, uselessly amusing gifts of decorative and sometimes interactive fonts — celebrating a variety of both famous and obscure birthdays, holidays and anniversaries — upon its users. Now, the corporation is letting Pac-Man run loose on the streets of Google Maps for our very mindless entertainment. Similarly on the subject of the Internet’s gifts, here are three mashups of various Muppets performing the hip hop classics.

If trying to find Pac-Man in a virtual representation of the real world seems futile, and you want more a realistic challenge, then London-based artist Slinkachu has created something that will better suit your investigative skills. The artist has placed miniature environments in the crevices and stray foliage of London streets in what seems akin to a grown up and far more exciting Easter egg hunt. You might find that silly, but this essay on spending money on experiences over material possessions could convince you of a grown-up Easter egg hunt’s relevance. If you’re staunchly interested in experiences that are actually strictly adult, you might find yourself interested in reading Mary H.K. Choi’s intriguing piece on using ecstasy in her 30s.

Let’s end with a dose of beauty for beauty’s sake: a colorblind coal miner doubles as a photographer on the days he doesn’t work, taking magnificent pictures of patterns and forms he sees in the waves. His book of photography is available here, and will help you (perhaps fruitlessly) anticipate warmer weather.