Office Spaces: Go Inside Your Favorite Social Media Companies


We use them every day — but what happens behind closed doors in the offices of our favorite social media sites? Um, a lot of eating snacks and playing on slides, as far as we can tell. But also some serious work, which requires some seriously modern and awesome office spaces. Take a look inside the gorgeous, random, and functional real-world offices of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube and Tumblr — which one is your favorite?

1. Google

Take a look at these snapshots and you’ll see why Google was ranked the best company to work for by Fortune Magazine last year (they slipped to the fourth spot this year). We know we want to work there, if only for the snacks.

The famous Google NYC snack wall.

It’s super easy to get to your meetings at Google HQ.

And your meetings might be in a boat.

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2. Twitter

Twitter’s brand spanking new offices in San Francisco are shiny and futuristic, and populated by wild green deer, kind of like Twitter itself.

This is pretty morbid for the deer. But we kind of love it.

They have a DJ booth in the dining hall — presumably for impromptu dance party food fights.

We guess even Twitter employees have sad stories sometimes.

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3. Facebook

Facebook’s Palo Alto office is pretty much what we imagine as the perfect sunny California life. Bright colors and big spaces!

We’d be down to hang out here.

Here too.

Can we say idyllic California office again?

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4. Digg

Occupying yet another San Fran office, Digg is kind of the little brother of SM workplaces. But apparently they have free beer in the fridge to get their employees through a long workday. We dig(g) that (yuk yuk yuk).

Pretty snazzy entryway.

Unlike some of the other offices, Digg’s digs (we just can’t stop) look lived-in. All we can say is, we want the glowing blue office at the back.

Plus you can bring your dog to work! And hang out with this guy, who obviously likes pretty good music.

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5. YouTube

Perhaps YouTube can only be called a social media site in slightly loose terms – we think, hey, there’s media, it’s social (kinda) – but their offices have some very particular amenities.

Winning the prize for nerdiest office ever, YouTube boasts a Star Wars room.

They also have a mini golf course (complete with lawn gnomes) in what appears to be the middle of the office.

This picture isn’t very interesting except that THEY HAVE A POOL.

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Bonus: Tumblr’s office looks awesome – if you’re not afraid of things falling on your head.

[Via Office Snapshots]