Quiz: Conservative Thinkpiece or April Fools’ Joke Headline?


April Fools’ Day on the Internet can be a minefield in these absurdist times. What’s a joke and what’s quotidian clickbait? What’s clever, dry, post-hipster satire and what’s April Fools-specific satire? For example: Are your friends mockingly imitating the people who are actually defending those racist tweets, or they actually applauding the racist tweets? Is a pizzeria really deigning to declare itself off-limits for gay weddings? We confess to being a bit bewildered ourselves, worried as to whether we’re going to click our way onto a virtual whoopee cushion, so we thought we’d offer a guide for navigating these stormy seas.

Look at the below headlines and determine whether each is an April Fools story or an actual conservative headline:

1. Why Jewish Women Scare Lena Dunham (and the Rest of Hollywood)

2.. Psst, You Do Realize a Boycott Is Discrimination, Right?

3. Sorry to Disappoint the Social-Justice Warriors, but the Faithful Won’t Yield on Religious Liberty

4. Currently In Power: The Google Administration

5. How Colleges Protect Their Students (Unless They’re Male, Conservative, or Jewish)

6. If State Allows Businesses to Refuse Service to Gays, Should They Post Warning on the Door?

7. Now They’re Opening an Abortion ‘Spa’ in D.C.

8. Fancypants Ivy Leaguers From $71,358 School To Protest Minimum Wage For A Few Hours

9. ‘Guntry clubs’ soar in popularity with Second Amendment Enthusiasts

10. 14 Photos Of John Kerry Looking For A Nuclear Deal With Iran

11. I’m Quitting My University Job to Be a Stay at Home Mom

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Answer Key:

1. Conservative Headline (PJ Media)

2. Conservative Headline (PJ Media)

3. Conservative Headline (The National Review)

4. Conservative Headline (The Daily Caller)

5. Conservative Headline (PJ Media)

6. Conservative Headline (PJ Media)

7. Conservative Headline (PJ Media)

8. Conservative Headline (The Daily Caller)

9. Conservative Headline (The Washington Times)

10. Conservative Headline (Bretibart.com)

11. April Fools’ Joke (From a fiend on Facebook! Keep leaning in, friend!)