New N.A.S.A. Video: Tom Waits + Kool Keith, “Spacious Thoughts”


Our friends at Boing Boing, who just debuted a new video from N.A.S.A., also sat down with the creators Mark Lomond and Johanne Ste-Marie, a.k.a. Fluorescent Hill, for a little back story.

The giant Cloud in the chorus was the first thing we came up with. We felt the chorus had to be big, and Waits’ voice is just so huge you just have to go with something towering over the rest of the video, and in this case the city….which ended up working out really well for the lyrics in that section. Also we didn’t want to do caricatures of the singers, it had been done before with waits, I believe Ralph Bakshi had anmiated/rotoscoped him, so to try and just get at the quick pop of Kool Keith and the growl and bark of Tom Waits.

Watch the end result after the jump.