Flavorwire’s Official ‘Mad Men’ Season 7, Part 2 Drinking Game


The time we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived. Part two of Mad Men’s seventh and final season airs tonight on AMC, and we’re already sobbing into our era-appropriate cocktails. While we wait to discover the fate of Don, Megan, Pete, Peggy, Joan, Roger, and Betty, play along with our official drinking game — because nothing says goodbye like a hangover to remember. Since we want to savor every crisis in store for Matthew Weiner’s characters, the game is designed to play during all of the final episodes. Cheers to you — and the end of an era.

Take a drink whenever…

Someone fixes a drink. Start getting ready to drink all the drinks.

Don hits the sheets with a new lover. Start getting ready to drink all the drinks.

Sally Draper gives someone the business, because they probably deserve it.

Harry Crane’s banana-colored pimp mobile makes a cameo (see below).

Roger gets high. We’re guessing that cocaine is his friend in the ’70s.

Finish your drink if…

We find out that the name of the first episode in season 7, part 2 is titled “Severance,” because Don has lost his job once more.

The show is set in 1976 — the same year as this Diana Ross track “Love Hangover,” featured in the 7.2 teaser.

The upcoming episode “Time & Life” is a reference to the magazines — and Don or another character (like movie star Megan?) winds up on the cover.

Joan is forced to endure yet another cruddy relationship. It’s time she found peace, especially after rejecting a relationship of convenience and finding courage.

We find out if there was more to the secretive Bob Benson than his closeted sexuality. If we find out the fate of the beloved Sal Romano, troubled Michael Ginsberg, and Star Trek-loving Paul Kinsey drink one shot per character.

Do a shot if…

Someone hosts or attends a ’70s-riffic key party, because that threesome was kind of awkward, so why stop now?

Megan has another “Zou Bisou Bisou” moment. That belly chain has to be good for something.

Piggish Pete and Peggy get a little closer, because the booty had him like this in the Part 2 trailer. Fingers crossed that Peggy’s powers of rejection are on point. On a serious note, drink two shots if we find out what’s happening in the life of Peggy’s child.

Ted Chaough’s embarrassing midlife crisis rears its head again. Since he tried to crash a plane the last time he was feeling the existential blahs, this shouldn’t be hard to spot.

A glass of red wine spills on Don, Pete, Peggy, Roger, Joan, Megan, or Betty. According to some vague spoilers, this scene is going to get people talking.

Finish the bottle if…

Pete Campbell and what’s left of his hair announce his appearance in an off-off Broadway production of The Mikado.

One of Mad Men‘s kooky conspiracy theories comes true — including the suicide of Pete, the Sharon Tate-esque death of Megan, and the death of time-traveling Don.

Showrunner Matthew Weiner changed his mind about the Sally and/or Peggy spinoff series and drops an Easter egg about a future show — because we would watch the hell out of both.

Lane Pryce appears in a Bert Cooper-style song-and-dance number. This is getting super creepy.

Betty has another Clint Eastwood moment, ensuring that everyone will end the series in a morbid blaze of glory.