A 20-Year-Old Wrote “Bitch Better Have My Money”: Links You Need to See


Do you love the peace and quiet of your bedroom? Do you enjoy the contained serenity that comes from a day spent watching Netflix? Do you shudder in horror at the thought of setting foot outside, where there are people and places and things? If all (or any) of this applies, then this essay on “the perks of being a shut-in” is for you. Even our crops are realizing fresh air is highly overrated. Besides: who wants to venture out when there are mysterious smoke rings appearing the sky? Were they placed there by the government? Dragons? Aliens? Who knows. You’re better cozied up with your laptop in the relative safety and comfort of your home (unless said laptop coziness involves watching porn, because apparently that’s not a private activity at all).

You’ve almost undoubtedly already heard Rihanna’s new-ish track, “Bitch Better Have My Money.” But you may not have heard that it was written by a twenty-year-old who goes by “Bibi” (her full name is Bibi Bourelly). Check out her Instagram to see her hanging with Kanye and Usher to get inspired to pursue your goals (or shake your head at all the things you weren’t doing when you were her age). If you’re more interested in visual than musical stimulation, this extensive illustrated guide to all Game of Thrones deaths could actually keep you occupied for hours. And if you’re more fascinated by real history — and real historical deaths — check out this slideshow from General Zuo Zongtang’s (of “General Tso’s Chicken” fame) hauntingly beautiful tomb.

We’ll end with a dose of beauty: a photographer has chronicled the strange and touching friendship that’s developed between his family and an orphaned magpie they decided to raise. If these pics aren’t enough for you, take a gander at Penguin the magpie’s Instagram.