Daily Dose Pick: The Cereal Project


The Cereal Project takes a beloved breakfast staple and archives it into a pop-culture encyclopedia of graphic design, advertising, and historical significance.

The website is full of random cereal trivia; for example, Quaker has released 27 versions of Cap’n Crunch that riff on the 1963 original. (Ship Shake Cap’n Crunch Liquid diet drink, anyone?) Extensive video content includes Julia Stiles acting her heart out in a 1994 Apple Jacks commercial and Michael Jordan’s classic shill for Wheaties.

Peruse the commercial library, explore cereal families, play breakfast cereal games, and search an exhaustive list of cereal companies.

1973 Alpha-Bits cereal with Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.

General Mills commercial for Wackles from 1965.

Ralston produced a bunch of what were sure to be high-quality kids’ cereals in the early 1990s, including this one for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Urkel-O’s.

A timeline of cereal boxes from 1863 to the present.

Bonus: coupons!