Exclusive: The Postelles (Albert Hammond, Jr.’s Pet Project) Review Little Joy (Fab Moretti’s Side Project)


We met The Postelles a few months back when they were in the middle of an impromptu recording session for Gen Art. Our first impression: they made us feel old. But after we got over how fresh-faced this quartet is, we realized that we liked them. We really, really liked them.

So did former Stroke Albert Hammond, Jr., which is why he agreed to produce their debut album. We decided this makes them the perfect guest reviewers for Little Joy, the self-titled debut from Fabrizio Moretti’s buzzy side-project Little Joy, which dropped a few weeks back. Kind of like a six degrees of Julian Casablancas thing.

The Postelles’s thoughts, along with a free MP3 download from their own debut, after the jump.

“Melding Getz/Gilberto and Is This It, Little Joy have created one of the most pleasurable listening experiences of the year with their self-titled debut. Originally conceived of at a Portuguese music festival by Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes) and Rodrigo Amarante (Los Hermanos), the group came together with the addition and encouragement of Binki Shapiro and wound up with an album of material and a group they named after their local bar. The album kicks off strongly with two of its most memorable tracks, ‘The Next Time Around’ and ‘Brand New Start’. The lilting melody of the latter is complemented expertly by layers of backup harmony. Other highlights include ‘How To Hang A Warhol’, a track which could easily pass as an ‘Is This It’ B-Side and ‘Unattainable’ where Binki Shapiro takes over vocal duties (quite charmingly). The album closes with ‘Evaporar’, sung entirely in Portuguese. The lo-fi beachy production of the album is a perfect fit for Little Joy’s chilled out, Tropicana songs. The expert harmonies and and clever instrumental orchestrations present us with three musicians operating seamlessly together. Make no mistake, this band is the real deal.”

Want to know where these guys are coming from? Download 123 Stop by The Postelles now.