The Intake Form: Meet Peach Kelli Pop, Your New Retro-Punk Obsession


Peach Kelli Pop, in full form. (photo by Kelsey Reckling)

The Intake Form is Flavorwire’s questionnaire feature spotlighting emerging musicians worth your time, paired with a premiere. Here, we debut Peach Kelli Pop’s video for “Princess Castle 1987,” off the LA band’s TKO of a new album III , out April 21 on Burger Records.

Allie Hanlon can make you happy in one minute. That’s how long some of her Peach Kelli Pop songs last, but it wouldn’t be truly fair to call them ephemeral either. “Shampoo,” the second-briefest song on the band’s new album, stuck with me for days — longer than an actual shampooing lasts. And the pop-punk hook of its one-word chorus made me feel a little grimy; that’s how infectious Peach Kelli Pop’s music is.

Hanlon, originally from Ottawa, began as a drummer. She started writing songs six years ago, but she still keeps pace like a percussionist. Her compositions end up splitting the difference between The Ramones and The Go-Go’s, which means they’re always short. But Hanlon says a lot in that small amount of time, whether it’s an ode to the egg roll or a feminist declaration of romantic independence. A wide range of emotions can be found within these surf-tinged songs, but the ferocity never lets up. Under Hanlon’s watch, this proves to be one very effective way of coping.

Watch Peach Kelli Pop’s “Princess Castle 1987” video below, and read on for Flavorwire’s conversation with Hanlon about Creed parody videos, Japan, and animals.

Has technology helped or hurt music culture? How so? It’s done both. I’m happy to be able to easily share my work with others and be able to create and experiment easily because of new technology. I also wouldn’t be able to tour and travel as easily without it.

If you didn’t play music, what would you do instead? I’d work with animals because that’s what makes me happy. I am a dog walker and sitter when I’m not touring. I also foster and train rescue dogs, which is really fulfilling.

A fictional character you personally relate to: Sailor Moon. She’s a spazz, loves candy, and is a regular girl but also a badass hero. [Ed. Note: Fun fact! There’s a song about Sailor Moon on PKP’s new album.]

Your biggest fault: Impatience and succumbing to negativity.

Your personal philosophy: Fake it ’til you make it.

Something that makes you laugh without fail: Shreds videos on YouTube. Google “Creed Shreds” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Are you a Paul, a John, a George, or a Ringo? I guess I’d say Paul. But I think I actually love Ringo.

Tell us about the best day of your life: Landing in Tokyo the day of our first tour in Japan. My life was changed forever. The whole trip was the most amazing time of my life.

Favorite fast food chain: Harvey’s. It’s a Canadian burger chain. I also love Five Guys. In-N-Out is great but their fries suck.

Place you most want to visit that you’ve never been: Osaka, Kyoto, and other cities in Japan. We are visiting these places on our upcoming tour in Japan — we are so excited!

What’s one phrase you say too much? I say “sorry” too much. I’m trying to get out of the habit.

Something you have an irrational hatred for: The word “twee.” Please don’t call my music “twee.”