Family Feuds and Celebrity Tirades: Links You Need to See


Dennis Quaid (who, once upon a time, starred in classic family movies such as The Rookie, Footloose, and The Parent Trap) overwhelmed the Internet after having a meltdown on set and going off on an expletive-packed tirade. Rumors are already circulating that the whole thing might have been a hoax, but only pure hatred could produce the creative insults Quaid hurls at “Dopey the Dick” — to give an example. Take a peek at these four other ridiculous on-set rants and recall pre-Kimmel era, when we could wholly enjoy an outburst, free from the uncertainty that the ubiquity of pranks has produced.

When Kimmel isn’t cruelly flaunting his hoaxing muscles, he’s doing awesome stuff like assembling the Avengers for a game of Family Feud. Speaking of the Avengers, Robert Downey, Jr. has officially joined Instagram and is already posting embarrassing photos of his fellow cast members.

Elsewhere, negative reactions to the Apple Watch are continuing to brew, and this piece focuses on the ways the paragon of conveniently wearable intelligence isn’t, according to its author, so convenient. Meanwhile, this drone-attacking chimpanzee would probably agree with tired arguments about how technology is ruining the world’s magic, while this piece, on the flip side, contemplates how modern technology might be responsible for the rise of New Age mysticism.

Lastly, we can maybe, finally, celebrate spring without worrying that winter will return in another “gotcha” moment. These photographs capturing adorable moments on Fenway Park’s opening day are sure to get you in the spirit, and these snapshots of a beautiful Tokyo spring are guaranteed to infect you with serious wanderlust.