Prepare for Ice Cream “Brr-itos” and a Lot More Sarah Jessica Parker: Links You Need To See


Breaking news! An Italian explorer will be living in a giant ball atop an iceberg for a year! Studio Ghibli has released a U.S. trailer for When Marnie Was There ! The Time 100 was released and has already become a work of found poetry! Sarah Jessica Parker is coming back to HBO with a new comedy called Divorce, which the network just gave a series order! Hyperbole aside, the real breaking news is that the North River Lobster Boat is coming back to New York this summer—May 1st, specifically—with 45-minute long Hudson River cruises, replete with booze and Maine lobster rolls, AND secondly that Ben & Jerry’s is releasing the Brrr-ito, a giant ice-cream stuffed wafer of goodness, notably on 4/20.

In other news, a high five goes out to everyone who donated to this Toronto woman’s GoFundMe for her Harvard University tuition. Once a high school drop-out who later became homeless, Toni Morgan is now set to start a year-long Master’s program at the university.

Not-so-breaking news is that KIND Healthy Grains have to relabel the “healthy” on some of their bars, that revenge porn is actually difficult to regulate, and that the Chinese government made a documentary about the environment disappear, into the polluted air from whence it came. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, this Dutch guy took it upon himself to clean up a public canal bank that was littered with garbage. There are lessons here, I’m sure, but I have lobster rolls and that brrr-ito on my mind.