The Internet Gets Baked and Fries Oreos in Bacon: Links You Need to See


It’s the other most wonderful time of the year, so if you’re not celebrating the… certain holiday that today happens to be for reasons of disapproval, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. To get the full range of the holiday experience, start off with a compilation of Abbi and Ilana’s “weed genius” moments from Broad City, and follow it with some nightmarish moments people have had under the influence. Relive your first experiment with these tales about some “first times” that may have been a little too intense. Pair all of this with bacon-fried Oreos.

You may feel less inclined to gorge on cookies fried in pork when partaking in an equally cerebral (or, dare I say, more cerebral) — but overall less appetite-riling — activity like reading. This “Letter to a Young Reader” offers advice to impressionable youngsters, but like all good advice it can apply to anyone of any age. For those adult readers who more often feel like young readers, here’s the Fantastic Cities coloring book for adults. If you just happen to be fed up with the current dystopia trend, dream of a brighter future and with this list of books about utopias.

Utopias frequently include either a form of prolonged or eternal life, so give this article on the subject of immortality a read. If your utopia involves freedom from social media, you could participate in Anti-Social Media Week (and mull over the blatant contradictions of using social media to promote a week where we unplug from social media). Whatever utopia may hold, we can only hope that our computers will be recycled as beautiful insects and that Jedi will be able to marry.

Finally: we’ve covered some of the crazier moments from Coachella, but another enticing attraction is, of course, the outlandish outfits. Warning: here there be flower beards.