The Apartment Atop the Eiffel Tower: Links You Need to See


Did you know that The Eiffel Tower was also an apartment building? At least, it was home to one small apartment, which designer Gustave Eiffel used to get away from — or at least above — it all. If you’re getting jealous, as the Parisian elite did at the time, and pining after a secret place of your own, you could always go on a scavenger hunt for secret bars hidden across Britain.

The new Star Wars movie is fast approaching, along with Disney’s Tomorrowland, and with such a bounty of goliath sci-fi projects, it’s easy to forget smaller works of sci-fi. Check out this awesome list of short sci-fi films, which show filmmakers’ astonishing capacity to create whole worlds within fifteen minutes. Of course, there’s no way to talk about sci-fi without thinking about the end of the world, so read this essay on the singularity and what it will mean if one country achieves it before everyone else. It might just make you look differently at these homemade robots.

Today (Tuesday) is the saddest day of the week on Twitter; if you’re suffering from the alleged Tuesday blues, use this video of people trying to answer questions while they’re high to cheer yourself up. If you’re looking for something with equal levity — but perhaps a little more substance — read this humorous and touching piece about what it’s like for someone with colorblindness to see color for the first time. If all else fails, you could always check out this rare sighting of a quadruple rainbow.

Meanwhile, Maureen Drennan took an active approach to grappling with the depression her husband was experiencing: getting both of them through it by photographing it. Hopefully, somewhere in here, you’ve found the Tuesday medicine we all allegedly need.