Crispr and Chipotle Modify the World: Links You Need to See


What a day! #WorldBookDay is in full swing (at least on Twitter), and, more importantly, Loretta Lynch was just confirmed by the Senate, in a 56 to 43 vote, as the first female African American U.S. Attorney General. That’s one small step for mankind and one giant leap — wait, there’s still a way to go, at least in Hollywood. In a panel discussion with Meryl Streep, directors Ava DuVernay and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, moderated by Jon Stewart, Streep explained the pervasive sexism in the film industry and said that the hardest thing for an actress to do is to get men to identify with them onscreen.

Alas, steps forward are always accompanied by steps back. In a step whose direction is just somewhat hard to measure, Chipotle announced a delivery service in about two dozen metro areas. Definite step back: the delivery service fees might cost you more than your order. One step forward: you’ll be able to play as one of twenty dinosaurs on LEGO Jurassic World when the game comes out in June, coinciding with the film’s release. Early reviews say it’s all types of awesome. One step back: Groupon just announced a massive counterfeit condom recall.

Science, unlike the rest of us, doesn’t seem to be taking “baby steps” anymore — it’s just accelerating. According to The Guardian, scientists in China just genetically modified human embryos using “a genome editing procedure called Crispr to modify an aberrant gene that causes beta-thalassaemia.” Luckily, in the future, you and your Crispr-ed friends will be able to chillax in a giant luxury windmill/hotel/roller coaster being built Rotterdam.