Flavorwire Premiere: HUMANS’ Fuzzed-Out “All My” Explodes in VHS Splendor


Canadian producer duo HUMANS hardly sound organic on their second full-length album, Noontide, but the overtly electronic sounds at their disposal still manage to convey soul. Their newest video — for the brief, pulsating “All My” — is no different, its VHS medium betraying the fact that the whole thing was, at its core, mechanical. Yet the scene it captures — fireworks in Spain — shows a whole lot of human jubilation.

Perhaps that soul is there because the video wasn’t made by the band, or anyone associated with the band. It was not a business decision. The director, Oliver Millar, was simply a guy with an old video that he paired with an old recording.

He rediscovered [the video] in his twenties and cut it to a demo of ‘All My’ that he had on his computer,” HUMANS tell Flavorwire. “Neither he nor us know how this came to be, as we weren’t friends until later. At the time, ‘All My’ was nothing more than a one-track demo that we [Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq] had recorded in a bedroom.

“Blown out and distorted, the track and the video had common aesthetic reminders of our analogue past.”

It’s an unapologetically nostalgic point of view, but it pairs surprisingly well with the future-forward sounds of “All My.” Give the video, which Flavorwire is pleased to premiere below, a watch.

HUMANS’ second full-length album, Noontide, is out now.