Old-Timey Portraits of Celebrities Captured With a Vintage Camera


“We live in an age of glossy magazines and overly retouched skin. But there is no lying with tintypes. You can’t get rid of a few wrinkles in Photoshop,” says photographer Victoria Will. The artist captured celebrities at this year’s Sundance Film Festival using the old-timey tintype technique that hails from the 19th century. Back then, photos needed eight minutes to develop, which left sitters struggling through the ultra-long exposure time. To aid the process during the festival, Will used modern flash heads with a powerful light to speed up the process. Here are rarely seen portraits of celebrities, wrinkles and all, with a great old-fashioned feeling.

Lena Dunham

Spike Lee

Bob Odenkirk

Zachary Quinto

Jason Momoa

Jason Schwartzman

Kristen Wiig

Vincent Cassel

James Franco

Hugo Weaving

Kevin Bacon

Lisa Kudrow