The Many Moods of Al Pacino’s Hair


One of cinema’s living legends, Al Pacino has played a wide range of roles in his movies that the talented actor pushes to the extremes with his unique characterizations. Pacino is also known for his flamboyant hairstyles, which have changed from film to film — and sometimes they’re a little distracting. But one can’t deny the power in Pacino’s dark poof, which has become his signature, revealing the many moods of his iconic characters. The styles only seem to get wilder with time, too. On his birthday, enjoy this brief survey of Al Pacino’s hair in some of his most famous roles.

The Panic in Needle Park

That I-was-gonna-marry-you hair.

The Godfather

That kiss-the-ring hair.


That prop-for-your-aviators hair.

Dog Day Afternoon

That Attica-is-hot-as-Hades hair.


That leather-daddy-in-da-club hair.


That yeyo-mountain hair.

Sea of Love

That detective-business-in-the-front hair.

Dick Tracy

That a-little-too-Hitler-for-a-comic-book-crime-boss hair.

Glengarry Glen Ross

That always-be-closing hair.

Carlito’s Way

That Carlito’s-way-or-the-highway hair.

The Devil’s Advocate

That devil-may-care hair.

The Insider

That Big-Tobacco big hair.

Any Given Sunday

That too-old-for-this-early-fauxhawk hair.


That I-woke-up-like-this hair.

Angels in America

That lavender-scare hair.

Phil Spector

That I-invented-the-music-business-but-killed-someone hair.