Braving ‘Full House’ Marathons and Finding Miyazaki’s Easter Eggs: Links You Need to See


Spring has finally arrived, and if you’re still afraid to/skeptical about going outside, you can celebrate the thawing of what seemed to be a never-ending winter with these beautiful aerial photographs taken from a hot-air balloon. If you’d prefer to wander city streets (still, from within your computer), check out these anonymous artistic characters adorning the roads of Chicago, Barcelona and London. Finish off your virtual tour of the mindlessly breathtaking with these stunning videos of Antarctica’s landscape.

The best part of the warm weather is being able to do things outside with your friends again, but this article makes a strong case for taking on some activities alone. One potential activity would be to attend the infamous Rattlesnake Rodeo and record all of the disasters that have to be covered up in order to keep something like this legal. Or, more practically, you could stay home and enjoy this compilation of (figurative) Easter Eggs in Miyazaki movies.

Finally: do you dream of making memes? Do you want to achieve digital fame and become master of the Internet for a couple of days? This artist was challenged to make a meme every day for a week and the results are completely horrifying. You’ll potentially find yourself shell-shocked after experiencing that; nurse yourself to recovery with this hilarious essay about a man who undertook an incredible journey: watching every episode of the monotonous suburban nightmare that was Full House. He’s not the hero we deserved nor the one we needed, but he did it because we wouldn’t.