Make Way for Sort-of-Invisibility Cloaks and Selfie Arms: Links You Need to See


Calling all Harry Potter fans: science is coming close innovating a real invisibility cloak — well, sort of, if you count merely not being able to see yourself as being “invisible.” Fortunately, science is also compensating for the underwhelming, not-quite-invisibility cloak with this equation that will tell you how many pizzas you should order when you go out.

Technology can ameliorate many of our day to day struggles, and now can even park your car for you, but sometimes it’s better to solve a problem the old fashioned way, like this Manchester resident who decided to fix potholes by spray-painting penises onto them. These artistic representations of human genitals offend local officials, who hurriedly try and cover up the potholes they surround. Meanwhile, if this library that lends tools instead of books catches on, you, too, might be able to easier mend such local nuisances on your own.

There’s no better way to start a fight about technology than to bring e-books and selfie sticks up in the same conversation. So: here’s a piece discussing e-books and a horrifying new version of the selfie-stick that mimics a human arm. Recover from the trauma and recall a time before selfie sticks with these photos of New York City from the last 50 years.

We’ll end with an interview that Robert Downey Jr. stuck around for: watch him and Jimmy Fallon connect in an emotional talk that ended on far better terms than the infamous interview he simply left.